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Cherrific Travel Money Tips for Japan

28th March 2018
On Wednesday’s, Japan wears pink…
In other words, the Cherry Blossoms have reached full bloom and, friends, AIN’T IT A SIGHT TO BEHOLD. 


Cherry Blossoms in Japan
As Aussie’s decide how to spend their Easter long weekend – a.k.a braving crowds at the beach vs. dedicating themselves to the ultimate 4 day Netflix binge vs. camping out at Woolies ready to buy ALL of the discounted Easter chocolate on Tuesday – tourists are flocking to Japan to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms. 
While the cherry blossom season may be brief, your foreign currency doesn’t have to be.  At Travel Money Oz, we want your foreign currency to be more like Easter chocolate (a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips) than the cherry blossoms. So, regardless of where you are heading in the world, these tips will help your foreign currency go the extra mile. 
1. Know how much things cost and how much you’ll need to budget. A bowl of ramen will set you back about 10bucks, sushi anywhere between $5 and $20 (tempura vege vs. sashimi) and a refreshing (debatable) glass of sake around $5. The subway system is very easy to use, despite being in Japanese, and a ticket starts at $2.50 - talk about a bargain. 
2. Do your research and don’t leave your purchase to the last minute. We get it, you’re busy trawling the net for cat cafes in Kyoto, and deciding whether you want to be Mario or Yoshi when go karting around the streets of Tokyo. This doesn’t leave much time for monitoring exchange rates. So, we’ve made it easy for you with currency alerts. Simply choose your currency and leave the monitoring up to us. 
3. Just like the date of full bloom, exchange rates change frequently.  Protect yourself from these by locking in your exchange rate with a prepaid travel money card like the Travel Money Oz Currency Pass. Not only can you secure your rate, but it isn’t linked to your personal bank accounts. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a different exchange rate every time you purchase and, if you’ve had one too many Sake’s and you start tap, tap, tapping away at your card, you don’t have to stress about it eating into your funds at home. 
4. If all else fails and it gets to the day before your trip and you realise that OHMYGOD I HAVE NO YEN, HOW ON EARTH WILL I PURCHASE UNLIMITED SASHIMI?!? Stress less, Travel Money Oz offers cash commitment. We promise to have our top currencies in store, and if we don’t we will give you up to $100*. 


Japanese meal box
5. *Cue Mum Voice* - Make sure you have travel insurance. One minute you’re patting a lovely Persian drinking tea, the next you’re headed to the local Japanese doctor with a solid cat scratch and resulting third degree burns from your tea. 
As far-fetched as that seems, you would be surprised at what Aussies have had to make insurance claims for overseas, and how much a simple doctor’s visit will cost. Whilst we can’t stop the unexpected from happening, we can provide you with a tailored insurance policy to ensure you are protected. So, take out the insurance and pet all the Persian kitties you want, just maybe keep the tea on the table, okay?
Whilst it may be too late to see this season’s Cherry Blossom bloom in Japan, it is never too late to start planning your next holiday and getting your foreign currency ready. For more tips, tricks and cat café recommendations, head in to your local Travel Money Oz and speak to the experts. 
In saying that… you’ve got a 4 day weekend ahead. Book that ticket to Japan and send us a Cherry Blossom selfie – we promise to give you some discounted easter eggs in return. 
*Cash commitment: Terms and conditions apply. Visit us instore or at for full details.
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