How much does it cost to travel Morocco like a Travel Guide? Image shows Moroccan desert with camel and sun.

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TRAVEL GUIDES RECAP - MOROCCO | How Much Would It Cost to Travel Morocco Like A Travel Guide?

20th April 2023

Just like that, Logie Award-winning Travel Guides is back… with a worldwide tour!

And we’re very proud to announce that Travel Money Oz Currency Pass is the official travel card used by the Travel Guides!

So we’re following the Travel Guides on their adventures around the globe, with exclusive clips, and a breakdown of how much it costs to travel like a Travel Guide.

First stop? Morocco!

First up, who will be our Morocco Travel Guides?


We’re excited to watch the fun begin as the Travel Guides immerse themselves in every cultural experience Morocco has to offer!

We’ll be discovering the main Morocco tourist attractions as well as the hidden gems in Morocco with the Fren Family (Mark, Cathy, Jono and Victoria), the Boys (Kev, Dorian and Teng), the Snobs (Kevin and Janetta), the Husbands (Matt and Brett), and the Cowgirl Twins instead are the Outback Siblings as Stack travels with her younger brother Josh while her twin sister Mel stays home to have a baby (congrats!).

EXCLUSIVE Behind-The-Scenes Clips!

Because Travel Money Oz is an official sponsors of Channel Nine’s Logie-award winning Travel Guides TV series, we get some exclusive behind the scenes content!

Watch the video below to see the Husbands go shopping in Marrakech!


MOROCCO ITINERARY | Best things to do in Morocco


Morocco sees 12 million tourists a year, but very few of these are Aussies! But this North African jewel is growing in popularity as more people discover the stunning landscapes and architecture, and unique, vibrant culture.

On their Moroccan holiday, the Travel Guides showed us the highlights of this dazzling country as they toured the best places to visit Morocco in one week.

We saw the Travel Guides sample some delicious Moroccan cuisine and embrace the unique and captivating Moroccan culture with bellydancing, snakecharming, a Moroccan cooking class on the rooftop terrace of their luxurious Riad, as well as ride camels in the Agafay desert, and visit a traditional Berber village in the high Atlas Mountains!

Read on for everything the Travel Guides did, and how much it cost...

Day 1 – 5  | Marrakech – the Red City




The Travel Guides stumbled their way through the chaos of Marrakech traffic to find their accommodation: Riad Africa

Riads are traditional Moroccan mansions once owned by wealthy merchants, and their design is built around a gorgeous, ornate, Andalusian-style courtyard.

The Travel Guides were greeted with a mint tea – the national drink of Morocco, overlooking the city.


How much does it cost to stay per night in Riad Africa, Marrakech?

Riad Africa takes bookings in Pound Sterling (Great British Pounds – GBP).

Morocco Budget Travel: £65 GBP (around $127AUD) is the cheapest room in Riad Africa. Budget travellers might opt to stay in hostels instead, but we’d recommend staying in a riad at least once while you’re in Morocco!

Morocco Mid-Range Travel: £81 – £98 GBP (around $158- $192AUD)

Morocco Luxury Travel: £130 for a luxe room – £405 GBP for a private riad (around$254-$791AUD)

MARRAKECH PRO TIP: The porters run away with your luggage in a wheelbarrow-looking trolley, but it arrives in your hotel room. As the Snobs put it “If you can’t trust the system, you shouldn’t be in Marrakech” … although you might feel as panicked as the Frens did!





Explore the Medina

Cost? However much Moroccan Dirhams (MAD) you spend in the markets!

The Medina is the ancient walled part of Marrakech city; a thousand-year-old maze of markets, mosques, and alleyways.

Jemaa El Fna is the main square in Marrakech, which was built 1000 years ago for public executions! Now, it’s the main hub for market sellers, fruit stalls, and performances… including Snake Charmers!

The Travel Guides got up close and personal with venomous cobras, which was full of excitement.

They also visited Souk Semmarine – the Medina’s largest market – which has some amazing entertainment (like the Boys dancing with the locals!) at night.

Make sure to have Moroccan Dirhams or your Currency Pass on hand, and brush up on your bartering skills!


Take a Traditional Moroccan Cooking Class
Cost? £65 GBP($90AUD) for two adults.

The Travel Guides also indulged in both making and feasting on traditional Moroccan cuisine, concocting a Moroccan Tajine (is a slow-cooked stew with spices, braised at low temperatures, in traditional ceramic cookware) at the Marrakesh Cooking Course held at Riad Africa.

In this Moroccan cuisine course, you’ll also learn how to make the famous Moroccan Couscous, and visit the markets to source all the ingredients.

Caution: Moroccan food can be spicy, as the Fren Family discovered!


Watch Moroccan Belly Dancing
Cost? ($33-S98+ AUD)

The Travel Guides also learned some traditional Moroccan Belly Dancing at Narwarma Palace Restaurant Lounge!

This dance used to be performed for the Moroccan Royal Family, but these days you’ll see it at weddings, birthdays, family celebrations, and also the cultural dining experience at Narwarma Palace – where you’ll be treated to a three-course Moroccan feast while authentic belly dancers twirl to live music.

Take your Currency Pass with you to pay, or have some Moroccan Dirham (MAD) on hand.

As for learning to dance, that was unique to the Travel Guides but have a look around, or ask around, for a Moroccan belly dance learning experience!






Ride a camel through the Agafay Desert
Cost? 200MAD ($30AUD) for 1 hour or 400MAD ($60AUD) for 2hrs with Nkhila Lodge Agafey Camel Ride

The Agafay Desert is a 45 minute drive outside of Marrakech city, and is definitely something you can’t miss while in Morocco.

Here, like the Travel Guides, you can ride a camel through the desert!

Camels have been used as the main mode of transport through deserts in North Africa for 3000 years, and it’s a surprisingly soothing experience!

The Snobs and the Husbands couldn’t rave about their camel experience enough.


Go Quad Biking through Agafay Desert
Cost? €90 EUR  ($150AUD) per person for 1 ½ Day or  €170 EUR  ($292 AUD) for a Full Day with Dunes and Desert Quad Bike Adventure.

If you’re looking for adventure travel in Morocco, you can’t beat quadbiking through the red desert landscapes against a mountain backdrop.

This is for adrenaline junkies as the machines fly over sandy dunes and through old abandoned towns.

As the Outback Siblings found out, “Yalla!” means “Send it!” in Arabic - and you’ll be saying that a lot!



Day 6 – 7 | Berber Village in High Atlas Mountains


For the second half of their trip, the Travel Guides ventured to the highest mountain range of North Africa: The High Atlas Mountains.

This mountain range separates the sea from the desert, and is home to the Berber people – the original First Nations inhabitants of Morocco.

The Berber people have been in Morocco for 4000 years, and today, there are an estimated 18 million Berbers in the country.



The Travel Guides stayed in Kasbah Africa – which offers lodge and cottage-style terraced accommodation, as well as Skydome suites overlooking the mountain range.


How much does it cost to stay per night in Kasbah Africa, Morocco?

Kasbah Africa takes bookings in Pound Sterling (Great British Pounds – GBP).

Morocco Budget Travel: £104 GBP for a Junior Suite (around $203AUD) is the least expensive room offered. Budget Travellers might want to go camping instead to save some money.

Morocco Mid-Range Travel: £139 GBP for a Sky Dome (around $326AUD).

Morocco Luxury Travel: £167 GBP for a Berber Cottage (around$254-$791AUD.



Explore Berber culture in Azzaden Valley!

There are villages that are entirely Berber, which is perfect to learn more about Berber culture, the community, agriculture, food, and more.

You can also go hiking, visit the markets, take a cooking class, go for a camel or mule ride through the mountains, visit the Marigha ovillage and see the TInzert salt pans, or visit Tin Mal Mosque!



Okay, so you’ve figured out your dream Morocco itinerary.
Now, for the important info!


MOROCCO TRAVEL TIPS | Best time to visit Morocco


For your grand Morocco vacation, the best times to visit depends on where you’re headed!

If you’re travelling inland Morocco, it’s best to stick to the “cooler” months from October to April – and by cooler, it ranges from pleasantly warm to a hot 30°C, while nights will be around 15°C. Despite being associated with the desert, it can be very chilly when visiting mountainous regions – it can even snow!

If you’re travelling coastal Morocco, June through September are warm, and mostly rain-free, for a stunning experience.

Don’t forget! Morocco is a Muslim country that observes Ramadan. If you’re planning to holiday in Morocco during Ramadan, remember many shops and restaurants will be closed or have reduced opening hours.


MOROCCO TRAVEL COSTS | How much to budget for a Moroccan holiday



Morocco is an interesting place to visit in that there are a few currencies accepted.

The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD), which you will need for markets, shopping, food, etc.

Then, being so close to Europe and the UK, the Euro (EUR) and Great British Pound (GBP) are often accepted or preferred forms of payment – especially for high-end accommodation and activities.

Lastly, because Africa widely accepts the United States Dollar (USD), this currency is also accepted in many places!



Morrocan Dirham (MAD) – We recommend getting your Moroccan Dirham in Morocco from official exchange offices, however, you’ll get the best rate if you exchange US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and Pounds (GBP)!

So, depending on wherever else is on your travel itinerary, exchange your USD/EUR/GBP with us first, and then trade that for Moroccan Dirham (MAD) when you arrive.

US Dollars, Euros and Pounds (USD, EUR, GBP)Come and see us to grab this before you go!

We have zero fees and zero commission – because we’re travellers too and wouldn’t want that either.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee*, Rate Move Guarantee*, and Cash Commitment* so you get the most bang for your buck.


Travel Money Oz Currency Pass – as featured on Travel Guides!

Of course, you can’t travel Morocco like a Travel Guide without using our Currency Pass – the official currency card used by the Travel Guides!

You can load up to 10x currencies, and there are 0x conversion fees, plus you can manage your money on-the-go via the app, and lock in your exchange rate!

There’s a reason this card is trusted by the Travel Guides – it makes managing foreign currency a breeze.

For your Morocco trip, load up on Great British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), and United States Dollars (USD), as well as Australian Dollars (AUD) for when you want to pay for something using Moroccan Dirhams – just make sure to select “LOCAL CURRENCY” when paying to avoid hefty dynamic conversion fees.



Credit, debit, and travel cards are accepted in most large shops, hotels, and restaurants in major cities. Smaller market stalls and vendors, especially in smaller towns and villages, often only accept cash.

Tipping isn’t mandatory but it is customary in Morocco.
At restaurants, round up the bill and leave spare change,
For porters, taxi drivers, and other services, 10 Dirham ($5 bucks AUD) should usually suffice.

It’s easy to find ATMs in larger cities and airports (though airports usually have steeper prices and fees), and ATMs are less common in rural and remote areas. Be prepared by always having some cash on you as ATMs aren’t always an option.




If you were to do all the activities we saw the Travel Guides do in the Morocco episode, it would look a little something like this:

Riad Africa Accommodation: £81 ($158AUD) per night for 4x nights.
Marrakesh Markets: Up to you! Set aside a budget for shopping – Morocco is famous for its tea sets, silver jewellery, and handcrafted leather.
Traditional Moroccan Cooking Class: £65 ($90AUD) for two adults.
Moroccan Belly Dancing: ($98+ AUD) for the 3-course meal.
Quad Bike Ride: €90 EUR  ($150AUD) per person for 1 ½ Day
Camel Ride: 400MAD ($60AUD) for 2hrs
Kasbah Africa Accommodation (Sky Dome): £139 GBP (around $326AUD) per night for 3x nights.

In total, that comes to $2334 Australian Dollars.

Of course, that doesn’t cover food, tipping, shopping, flights, or insurance, so factor that into your Morocco travel budget too!

It's good to keep in mind that the average Australian traveller spends about $5000AUD while holidaying overseas - not including flights and accommodation, but pure spending money for food, activities, souvenirs, etc!



Not everyone travels the same way, so use our holiday budget calculator to help you plan your travel budget!

All you need to do is punch in your holiday deets and some amazing robots will combine crowdsourced, real-time Numbeo data* from around the world with our exchange rates - BOOM! Budget sorted.

It's the only one of its kind (that we know of) in market!





We’re as friendly as the Fren Family and savvy as the Snobs. Come and see us in-store for your foreign currency needs, and our Travel Money Experts will help guide you through the whole process!

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