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ZODIAC TRAVEL | Where to Travel in 2023 According to Your Star Sign

17th January 2023

The stars say you should travel more.



Listen, I’m just going to preface this with a disclaimer that yes, I am the quintessential new age astrology girlie who believes crystals have mystical powers. Embarrassing but true. But hey, it’s not the worst trope to be. After the intense cringe that was my 2010s Myspace era, it’s a welcome change. 

Besides, the way I see it… why shouldn’t we live on the fanciful side of life? 

Trust me, it’s a lot more fun (and a lot less pressure) when you realise we’re just self-aware bananas on a spinning orb that’s hurtling through space, and existing at all is a bizarre streak of luck. 

So what if we believe the moon can charge our crystals, or blame mercury retrograde for tech issues? Being alive in our universe is a statistical anomaly! Nothing in the world makes any real sense. 

The only think I do know about the universe is that I want to explore as much as of it as I can while I’m alive. 

So, if you’re having trouble deciding where to travel this year, here are some stunning locations you might like according to your star sign. (And if you’re reading this, don’t lie to yourself, you know you’re at least curious).

So, without further ado… which beautiful new destination is in your destiny?



For astrology beginners, look for your horoscope below, but of course, take it with a grain of salt.

For my fellow star kids out there, look for your Big Three, Mercury, Jupiter, as well as Nineth House placements! These will give you the best overall picture of what kind of traveller you are. And don’t even get me started on astrocartography. That’s a topic for another day.



Ahhh the adventurer, the conqueror. Named after the Greek God of War, Aries is passionate and pioneering. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is also known for its intrepid spirit, bravery, and for approaching the world with a youthful vigour and curiosity. 

Destination: Exploring the “Lost City” of Petra, Jordan

Aries will need somewhere bold, challenging, and exciting to keep them entertained. They want to travel somewhere that makes them feel alive

Why not go full Indiana Jones, and explore the ancient architectural marvel that is the Treasury in Petra? With rugged terrain, and a fascinating history, this ancient “Lost City” is sure to inspire your sense of adventure.

Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)  
Travel Money Tip:  Jordan uses the Jordanian Dinar (JOD), which you’ll need to pre-order from your local Travel Money Oz store in advance so we can make sure you have the currency you need for your trip! You can also exchange major currencies in-destination such as the Pound Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR)

PS: You’ll want to take smaller denominations when possible, as it can sometimes be hard to get change from large notes (and if you’re getting some souvenirs from markets, or for tipping, it’s good to have small notes).



Determined, sensual, and loyal to a fault, Taurus is a sign ruled by beauty and luxury. This Venusian sign thrives when surrounded by nature, and usually prefers to live (and travel) slowly - savouring each moment and indulging in experiences lush with splendour.

Destination: Aurora Borealis Glass Igloos, Finland

The ideal destination for Taurus would be somewhere filled with natural beauty and majesty, while also being luxurious for the senses too. Our suggestion? Sleeping in glass igloos under the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland. You can go sledding or snowshoeing through the crisp alpine forests in the day, relax with a sauna in the evening, then finish off the night with breathtaking views of the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your bed.

Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Travel Money Tip: The Euro will make things super easy for your travels to Finland (and potentially surrounding countries!). For Finland, cards are commonplace so we recommend taking a Travel Money Oz Currency Pass loaded in Euros as your main form of currency (with some cash too to cover both bases). 

PS: Sometimes Finish vendors will want some ID, so make sure to keep your passport or driver’s license with you when making purchases.



Notoriously misunderstood, Geminis are witty, playful, intelligent, and curious. Gemini’s mental quickness and agility is unparalleled, they’re bubbling with innovative ideas, and they are brilliant conversationalists and social butterflies.

Destination: Museum Hopping in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gemini needs somewhere intellectually stimulating, a great social scene, and a vibrant atmosphere to hold the attention of these curious spirits. Amsterdam is the best of both worlds. The Netherlands is the most museum-dense country in the world, with more museums per square kilometre than any other country! And there are about 85 of them in Amsterdam, ranging from soul-stirring to quirky and weird. Then of course, Amsterdam is famed for its party scene. For the more extroverted, staying in a hostel and exploring the party scene with your newfound friends is an incredible way to discover this exciting city. Or, if you’re on the quieter side, how about going for a quintessential cycle through the canals to explore it all?

Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Travel Money Tip: The Euro making traveller’s lives easier once again. For the Netherlands, you’ll want to take both cash and a prepaid travel card loaded in euros. Card makes things easier, but certain places (like ticket booths and markets) only accept cash. 

PS: A tip for the museums! It’s best if our pre-book tickets for the most famous museums in advance (like Van Gogh and Anne Frank), as these can sell out and you might otherwise miss your opportunity.



Sweet, sentimental Cancers. Known for being highly intuitive and incredibly caring, Cancers are family-oriented, loving, nurturing, and kind, with an often goofy sense of humour. 

Destination: Farm-Stay in a Tuscan Vineyard, Italy

What could be better than good food, good wine, and good company in gorgeous Italian countryside? Cancers often love to travel with their nearest and dearest, and whether you’re discovering Italy with the family, with your special someone, or a group of your closest friends, spending quality time together in a place as beautiful and historical as Italy will make for cherished memories. 

Currency: Euro (EUR) 
Travel Money Tip: Of course, Italy takes the Euro. You can make it easy for yourself with our Currency Pass prepaid travel money card for pretty much most transactions, but it’s also good to have some cash on hand too. Read our Italy Travel Money Guide for more deets. 

PS: Our tip is to find farm-to-table restaurants. Some places will grow everything the cook, and it’s pretty much the most delicious food can get!



Warm, lion-hearted, and sunshine-y Leo has a flair for the dramatic and extravagant. Leo likes to be the life of the party, and is a playful, passionate sign that craves excitement, romance, and anything grandiose.

Destination: Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Leos love the extraordinary, and so for the adventurous and luxury-loving Leo spirit, having a once-in-a-lifetime stay in Kenya’s Giraffe Manor should do the trick. This stately, and historic boutique hotel is set on 140 acres where Rothschild giraffes roam freely (and love coming to the windows for a rare personal encounter). It’s a bucket-list destination for many that few will get to experience in their lifetimes. Which might be the icing on the cake for a Leo.

Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KES) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Kenyan Shillings (KES) to travel to the Giraffe Manor, and you’ll need to pre-order from your local Travel Money Oz store in advance to make sure you have the currency you need for your trip! It’s also wise to carry United States Dollars (USD) with you, as some tourist spots only accept USD. If you do take USD, make sure your dollar bills are crisp and new – due to counterfeiting concerns, USD printed before 2006 aren’t always accepted. 

PS: While you’re in Nairobi, make sure to head out on a safari! Nairobi National Park has a healthy population of lions, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalo, impalas, and wildebeest. It’s also one of the best places to see the endangered Rhino!



Brilliant, meticulous, devoted, and service-oriented, Virgo is one of the most under-appreciated signs in the Zodiac. They have a big heart, and often show their love through acts of service. Virgos also have a deep love of learning, and are ruled by the house of healing – meaning they often have a passion for wellness. 

Destination: Onsen Tour in Japan

Virgos tend to struggle with a relaxing holiday, because they’re so wired to be productive and become the best version of themselves (those perfectionist tendencies are hard to quell!). So, why not channel that energy into taking care of your own body, mind and spirit with an onsen tour around Japan? You know you’re doing something wonderful for your physical and emotional wellbeing (the productive element), while also getting the relaxation you need. Plus, Japan’s rich culture will keep the mind and soul stimulated. 

One thing – Virgos do tend to be shy and modest, which you might need to push past for a traditional onsen tour. Otherwise, you can also book accommodation with a private onsen. 

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Japanese Yen (JPY) to travel around Japan. In Japan, cash is still king, but it’s also good to have a Currency Pass prepaid travel money card loaded in Japanese Yen for bigger purchases. Read our Japan Travel Money Guide for more tips 

PS: Virgo probably needs a holiday more than anyone. As the burden of organising often falls on a detailed-oriented Virgo’s shoulders, holidays tend to end up being more work – rather than the break it should be. Book through a travel agent with our friends at Flight Centre so that you can pour all your focus into the holiday itself, and finally get the relaxation and rejuvenation you need.



Charming Libras are lovers of all things beautiful. Ruled by Venus, they’re often drawn to arts and creative pursuits, are big romantics, and often social butterflies due to their amiable and diplomatic nature.

Destination: Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

Is there anything more romantic than seeing a hundred hot air balloons rise into the rosy sky at dawn? Or maybe you’d prefer to soar into the sky with your lover, and witness the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia from above. After marvelling at the beauty of it all, Librans might enjoy bringing out their own inner beauty with a hammam – a traditional Turkish bath. For the more adventurous, you can also explore the labyrinthine tunnels that lead to underground cities.

Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Turkish Lira (TRY) to explore Turkey. We recommend pre-ordering your Turkish Lira from your local Travel Money Oz store in advance. 

PS: Depending on your travel plans, you might want to take a secondary currency as well – Euros (EUR) are often accepted in tourist areas (but you’ll get better prices using Lira), or USD, as some tour companies require USD payments. Make sure to check before you leave, and drop in and see us in store so we can give you tailored advice! You can also check out our Turkey Travel Guide



Mysterious, private, emotional, deep, magnetic taboo, transformation, investigative, powerful 

Scorpio. Mysterious, private, magnetic. Scorpio is intrigued by anything with depth, and is a sign linked to transformation. They rise from the ashes like a phoenix, and emerge more powerful than ever. 

Destination: Dracula Castle, Transylvania, Romania

Because Scorpio is often drawn to anything taboo, occult, secretive, or otherwise mysterious that they can investigate… why not explore one of the most famously dark legends of all? The Gothic Bran Castle is a fortress shrouded in the myth and horror of none other than Count Dracula, and is one for the Scorpio bucket-list. History buffs will love the many medieval villages in Romania, and you might also be surprised to learn Romania has a huge spa culture – home to a third of all Europe’s thermal springs, and around 160 spa resorts (băile)!

Currency: Exchange Euros (EUR) to Romanian leu (RON) 

Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Romanian Ron (RON) to explore Transylvania and beyond, but it’s best to take Euros and exchange once you’re over there. 

PS: Romania has set 2024 as its target to adopt the Euro, so soon it’ll be even easier (currency-wise at least!) to add it to your European itinerary.



Sagittarians are the zodiac sign most renowned for their love of travel. Adventurous, free-spirited, philosophical, lively, fun-loving, and passionate, this sign craves expansion – and what better way to do so than travel? 

Destination: Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Peru

Sagittarius needs an adventure that opens the mind to a world of new possibilities. So, consider a trek to discover the Incan Empire. It’s a rigorous journey with a fascinating history, and seeing the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu is sure to inspire. 

Currency: Peruvian Sol (PEN) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Peruvian Sol (PEN) to explore Peru. We recommend pre-ordering Peruvian Sol from your local Travel Money Oz store in advance, or taking clean, crisp USD notes to Peru and exchanging once you get there.  

PS: Trekking the Inca Trail is not for the faint of heart, so make sure to prepare! Similarly, prepare for using money safely in Latin America by reading our South America Currency Guide.



Powerful and ambitious Capricorns have incredible potential for success. They’re wise, determined, industrious and pragmatic, and never back down from a challenge. This famously career-driven sign thrives in fast-paced environments with limitless potential.  

Destination: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Glittering skyscrapers and man-made oases set in the stark desert? Dubai is rich in both immense wealth and complexity – with lots to see and do. For a success-driven Capricorn, why not experience the luxury, marvel at the incredible architectural feats… and maybe go sandboarding on the red desert dunes.

Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) to travel Dubai. Make sure to read our Dubai Currency Guide before you head off on your adventure. 

PS: Some must do activities – ascend to the top of the monolithic skyscraper known as Burj Khalifa, ski in the mall, see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and see the Palm Jumeirah island for a luxe dinner.



Futuristic, unconventional, inventive, rebellious. Aquarius enjoys the weird, eccentric, and out of pocket, and likes to think of themselves as such too – with a humanitarian undercurrent that runs deep to their core. 

Destination: South Korea

Because Aquarius values individuality and independence so highly, why not explore the unique culture of South Korea? From dressing in the traditional Hanbok to explore the ancient palaces and temples, to K-Pop concerts, to hiking through mountainous terrain – South Korea has it all. Aquarians might be especially intrigued by newly opened Robot Science Museum in Seoul, or perhaps the Korean Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), where you can glimpse North Korea – to get there, you’ll need a tour. 

Currency: South Korean Won (KRW) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need South Korean Won (KRW) to explore Seoul. You’ll want to carry cash for smaller restaurants, tips, and street food, and many merchants won’t take card for anything less than 10,000KRW. You can also buy a Korea Tour Card to help make things easy.

PS: You might find yourself reaching for water to help handle the spice of delicious Korean food. A word of advice – make sure you refill your water bottle at safe-refill areas. The water is safe to drink, but the pipes it runs through aren’t, so this will help prevent any nasties. For more tips, read our guide




Dreamy, compassionate, empathetic, sensivive, romantic, artistic, spiritual

Destination: Narwhal Safari Expedition, Arctic Canada

For whimsical Pisces, what better adventure than experiencing the unicorns of the sea? In the far north of Arctic Canada, you can go on a Narwhal safari to see these incredible creatures in person. You might also encounter polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, walruses, and beluga whales along the way, and can experience the midnight sun too. 

Currency: Canadian Dollars (CAD) 
Travel Money Tip: You’ll need Canadian Dollars  (CAD) to travel to Canada. While you’ll have the best luck using a Travel Money Oz Currency Pass card for the majority of Canada, you might want to take cash for the more remote areas. Read our Canada Travel Money Guide for more info. You should also check with your tour operator, as they may request payment in other currencies.  

PS: Narwhal safaris only operate in summer (winter in North Canada is too dark and cold to spot any), so make sure to plan your adventures accordingly!

Wherever the stars may lead you, we’ll have the foreign currency you need to support your travel dreams.

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