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What Kind of Holiday spender are you?

30th October 2019

We know everyone has a preferred style of travel, whether it’s relaxing in all-inclusive resorts, diving into adrenaline pumping activities or immersing themselves into new cultural experiences. 

This behaviour stretches further than just accommodation and activity choices though, as each individual definitely has their own spending style when overseas. We’ve compiled a list of the common spenders we see in our stores every day, and those that we have no doubt met overseas. 

So, which one are you?


  • Haggles on EVERYTHING
  • Owns at least 3 x bintang singlets
  • "Mate the lady down the road has this for half the price"
  • Requests smaller denominations when getting their foreign currency
  • Loves a good street market


  • Says "treat yourself, we're on holidays" every time they make a purchase
  • Avoids looking at their bank balance
  • Spends $50 on a starter at a restaurant
  • Always has a cocktail in hand
  • Pays for everything on their Currency Pass


  • Always shouts their mates drinks
  • "You can pay me back whenever, it all comes out in the wash"
  • Relies on Cash Commitment and leaves exchanging to the last minute
  • Buys everyone in their family a souvenir
  • Seems to make new friends everywhere they go



  • Researches everything to ensure they get the best deal
  • Purchases foreign currency three months in advance when the dollar is doing well
  • Adds Rate Move Guarantee to maximise on any rate improvements
  • Eats breakfast and lunch from the supermarket to save money
  • Splits group payments by excat amounts



  • Buys the finer things in life
  • Is signed up for Rate Alerts to avoid tracking currency movements themselves
  • Spends an hour at each location taking pics for their 'gram
  • Buys another suitcase overseas to hold all of their shopping
  • Says "Savings? more like spendings!" whenever they make a purchase



  • Loves happy hour
  • "Mate, i've only budgeted $30 for today"
  • Doesn't like using ATMs because of the fees
  • Conveniently needs to use the bathroom whenever the bill arrives
  • Makes sure they get the best exchange rate with the Best Price Guarantee



Regardless of what holiday spender you are, head start your travel fund today by loading a Currency Pass to make the most of your spending money!

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