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Travel Money Card FAQs

Overseas Contact Numbers

  • UK – 0800 056 0572
  • USA/Canada – 1877 465 0085
  • Japan – 00531 780 221
  • Thailand – 001800 442 212
  • New Zealand – 0800 444 691
  • Hong Kong – 800 966 321
  • South Korea – 00798 4434 1279
  • Other countries – +44 207 649 940


What is Currency Pass?

Currency Pass is our travel money card and your answer to travelling safely and securely. You can load up to 10 currencies on your card and lock in your exchange rates. Because it's supported by Mastercard, you can use it wherever you see the Mastercard sign (that's millions of locations!) including at ATMs.

How do I get a Currency Pass?

Getting a Currency Pass is easy. You can order a card online via our website (this may take up to 14 business days to receive in the mail) or simply visit one of our 140+ stores to take one away immediately.

Does Currency Pass cost me anything?

Our Currency Pass is free to buy - just make sure it's loaded with minimum $20 to get started. We don't charge any fees for issuing and loading your card in store either. (Although, merchant fees will apply if you are using a credit card to load funds however

How safe is my information with Currency Pass?

Safety and security is important to us. With Currency Pass none of your personal information is stored on the card, unlike a credit card which is connected to your financial institution.

Do I have to be online to use Currency Pass?

No, Currency Pass works just like your everyday debit card. You can simply tap and go for everyday purchases or withdraw funds from an ATM. The only time you really need to be online is if you want to manage your funds via our easy to use app or website.

Can my partner or someone else use my Currency Pass login?

No. Due to privacy regulations, we do not recommend sharing your login details with anyone else.

I haven't yet registered for a Currency Pass account and login- can I do this from overseas and how do I get started?

No worries - you can do this on our website from anywhere in the world and start managing your funds. Click on "login/register' in the menu bar and you're away laughing. We recommend that you download our Travel Money Oz app - you'll find us in the App Store or on Google Play.

I'm locked out of my Currency Pass account. How do I get back in?

No stress - head to and select 'I have forgotten my password' to reset your account.

Can you use Currency Pass if you are under 18?

Yes, you can get a Currency Card if you are under 18. You will, however, need to complete your identity verification in person at your nearest Travel Money Oz store. Only Australian Passport or Drivers License will be accepted as valid ID.

How does a Currency Pass Currency Card work?

Currency Pass works just like your everyday debit cards. You can use it for tap n go purchases, paywave and online shopping. But we've made it just a little bit better by being able to load up to 10 different currencies so that when you're travelling you can spend the local currency and always know how much it's costing you.

Where can I use my Currency Card?

You can use Currency Pass anywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide including ATMs for cash withdrawals.

How do I use my Currency Card overseas?

Always select credit when making a transaction (including at ATMs!) and if given the option, pay in the local currency of the destination vs AUD, providing it's loaded on your card. This avoids you paying extra conversion fees (this is often called Dynamic Currency Conversion).

What currencies can I load on to my Currency Card?

Your Currency Pass works with 10 different currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, THB and AUD.

What do I do if the country I'm going to doesn't accept any of these currencies?

You can load your card with AUD (or use any pre-existing currencies on the card) and withdraw local currency from an ATM. Or, swipe / tap your card as normal and it will convert as you go with each individual transaction.

I just received my Currency Pass Currency Card in the mail. What do I do next to get started?

Follow the steps on the letter attached to the card - but, if you've lost that bad boy then shoot over to and register your card. That is the first and most important step so you can easily top up and manage your funds, view your transactions and more.

How can I load and reload my card with money?

You have a few options. You can load money onto your card using the Travel Money Oz app, or by logging into your account on our website or by visiting us in store.

I am now overseas and need more money- how can I reload funds?

You can load money onto your card using the Travel Money Oz app or, log into your account on our website. Using either option means you can add additional funds to your card from your nominated financial institution. You can also load funds via bank transfer.

How safe is my money on my card?

Safety and security is important to us. In the unlikely event that you misplace your card, you can suspend the card by giving us a call on +61 (2) 8974 0856. We can make arrangements to transfer money to you via Western Union. Additionally, as the card isn't linked to your financial institution, you can rest assured that if someone has it they can't access your accounts back home.

How much will the card cost me to purchase?

Travel Money Oz Currency Pass is free so you're already saving money for your holiday! We don't charge any fees for issuing and loading your card in store. Fees will apply if you are using a credit card to load funds, however.

How much will it cost to reload my card?

If you reload your card instore we're not going to charge you any fees. There are however merchant fee associated with credit cards. If you're processing this online there are also fees associated with credit cards and BPAY. BUT you can do a bank transfer and avoid fees.

What is the minimum amount I can load on to my card?

The minimum amount you can load is $20 (AUD) but who are you kidding, you'll be spending a lot more than that on your holiday…

What is the maximum amount I can load on to my card?

The maximum amount you can load onto your Currency Pass in one load is $10,000 (AUD). If you need more just speak to us in store.

How long does it take for my funds to be loaded onto my card?

How quickly do you need the money? Credit/debit card payments are instantly available. Bank transfers will take 1 business day (Mon-Fri) if copmpleted prior to 2PM AEST. BPAY will take a little longer, this is on average 3 business days.  Alternatively, come and see us in store at one of our 135+ locations for more immediate assistance.

Once I have bought my card, how long will it take to receive it?

Visit us in store and you can walk away with your card instantly. Should you want a personalised card (one with your name printed on it) allow up to 14 days.

How can I see my transactions and manage my money?

Should you need to take a peek at the shopping damage, you can view your full transaction history online at or via the Travel Money Oz app. Both of these options also allow you to manage your funds 24/7 by viewing transactions, loading additional funds and transferring money to alternative currencies.

How do I load funds using BPAY?

You can reload your card with BPAY at any time from your online banking account. Please be aware it will take 2-3 business days for BPAY transfers to appear and the rate used will be the rate of the day the load is applied, not the day the transaction is initiated. Important - Before you reload with BPAY, please make sure to activate your card first by loading currency in store or online using your debit or credit card. BPAY transfers will not activate your card. Biller Code: 184416. Reference: Your 16 digit card number. Please be aware that funds will appear in your Currency Card’s default currency (which may be AUD). You will then need to distribute between currencies using the 'transfer between currencies' feature. You can change your default currency at any time. If your default currency is one other than AUD, your BPAY payment will be converted to your default currency at the exchange rate on the day your transaction is processed, which may not necessarily be the same day you made payment.

Can someone under the age of 18 get a Currency Card?

Yes, you can get a Currency Card if you are under 18. You will, however, need to complete your identity verification in person at your nearest Travel Money Oz store. Only Australian Passport or Drivers License will be accepted as valid ID.

Is the Currency Pass Currency Card a credit card or debit card?

Great question. Travel Money Oz Currency Pass is a debit card! You can only spend the funds that are loaded onto the card. The best part is, you won't get caught out with hefty credit card fees and interest. You're only spending your money.

If I load funds onto my Currency Pass Currency Card, who holds those funds and are they safe?

The safety and security of your funds is extremely important to us. Your transactions are managed by Mastercard but funds are underwritten by Heritage Bank Limited.

Can I get a second card for my partner?

You can only have one Currency Card per account. 

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen while I am away?

If your Currency Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately at any time by calling us 24/7 on +61 (2) 89740856.  Phone numbers for other countries can be found by logging into your account on the Travel Money Oz portal and clicking on 'Need Help'. If your card is lost we'll suspend it. If your card is stolen, we'll close it to prevent fraud. If your card is lost or stolen while you are overseas, you may be eligible for an emergency cash disbursement where there are sufficient funds on your card. If eligible, you can collect emergency funds from approved agent locations. The team will let you know the address details, telephone number and opening hours of the nearest agent location.

What do I do if I forget my PIN for my card?

You can reveal your pin at any time by logging on to the Travel Money Oz Portal and via the 'manage my card' section and selecting 'reveal my pin'. If you are unable to reveal your PIN online, please give us a call on 136 195.

What if I don't spend all my money while I'm away?

We applaud your restraint. Your Currency Card is valid for 5 years, so you can hold onto it and use it again next trip. It’s easy to transfer funds into another currency for future use. Another option is to consider transferring any leftover funds to AUD and simply use the card for day to day transactions. Alternatively, you can visit us in any of stores, and fill out a Cash Out form to email to Mastercard. This process can take 10 business days to process into your AU bank account. If you can't make it into a store, call our Customer Service team on +61 (2) 89740856 to get your remaining money transferred back into your regular bank account.

Are there any countries my Currency Card won't work in?

We're pretty confident we have most destinations covered however Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Crimea are affected by sanctions, which means that your Currency Card will be declined if you try to use it in these countries.  The list of countries in which the Currency Card does not work will be updated from time to time, so please check back here before travelling.

Why are there limits on how much I can withdraw and spend each day?

This is a security feature to protect your spending money and should you misplace your card it simply means that someone can't access everything. The limits currently in place are; ATM withdrawals up to $3000 AUD or equivalent per day. EFTPOS maximum is $100 AUD without a pin and $15000 AUD during any 24 hour period (requiring pin authorisation). There are however some countries with a lower ATM withdrawal limit, like Thailand which is 20,000THB (around $800AUD).

What do I do if an overseas vendor asks if I want to pay in AUD?

We recommend always paying in the local currency if it’s loaded on your Currency Card. In some situations, ATMs and retailers may offer ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’ (payment in your home currency). This, however, simply allows them to dictate their own exchange rate and may result in you being charged fees associated with a foreign transaction. Spending in the local currencies means you always know what you're paying and have greater control over your funds.

What is the maximum amount I can use contactless payment for?

In most cases, contactless payment can be made for purchases up to the equivalent of $100 AUD. Transaction limits for contactless transactions may change from time to time. For transactions above the limit, additional authorisation is required, usually the cards PIN. Different transaction limits apply in different countries.

How do I change my card's default currency?

Setting your card’s default currency is simple and can be done online through your online Travel Money Oz portal. Under your Currency Card page, click ‘Manage my card’ and follow the prompts. Or, drop by your local Travel Money Oz store and they can do this for you.

Why are there extra ATM fees on my statement?

Every time you use an ATM, it's likely you'll be charged a standard ATM fee, with this, there may be additional charges from that ATM provider where you withdrew money. We've outlined this in our PDS so you're aware. The difference in fees may also be due to the transaction being made in your local currency, versus the currency of the country you're travelling in. We always recommend making purchases in the local currency where possible, and being aware of the ATM fees before you withdraw cash as the more you use an ATM, the more fees you're likely to incur.

What happens if I run out of one currency on my card by still have funds in another?

You can transfer funds between currencies using the Travel Money Oz portal. From the home page select Currency Card and then scroll down to see the link - TRANSFER BETWEEN CURRENCIES. Here you can move money between the currencies that are supported by the Currency Pass. Alternatively, you can use the Travel Money OZ Portal to load additional funds on the currency you require leaving your other funds free for your next destination. If a purchase cannot be completed because there are not enough funds in that currency on your card and you do have other currencies, the card will automatically convert other currencies to complete the purchase.  The transaction will be split across 2 or more currencies and will appear that way on your statement. Read more about this in our PDS.

I want to dispute charges made on my card, who can I speak to?

Please give us a call on 1800 098 231 and we can look into this for you.

Overseas Contact Numbers

UK – 0800 056 0572 
USA/Canada – 1877 465 0085
Japan – 00531 780 221
Thailand – 001800 442 212
New Zealand – 0800 444 691
Hong Kong – 800 966 321
South Korea – 00798 4434 1279
Other countries – +44 207 649 9404